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4/14/2010 Resident Advisor Screening in Washington D.C.
4/5/2010 Infinite State Machine
4/5/2010 ChinaShop Magazine Review
4/4/2010 DNMK Music Giveaway; Speaking in Code is what Feiern wanted to be
4/1/2010 URB Review: A film worth watching more than once
3/24/2010 Rolling Stone Brazil News
3/23/2010 Carhartt Hungary
3/23/2010 EBEATZ moving and joyful
3/23/2010 Rraurl Vida Electronica
3/22/2010 Extra DJ Russian
3/21/2010 Hirngerechte-Gestaltung Techno super and the personnel is behind it mostly unbelievably passionierte
3/21/2010 Chroniques Electroniques a surprising way to describe electronic music
3/21/2010 Byte FM well worth seeing.
3/19/2010 Posterous
3/18/2010 Bodytonic
3/17/2010 Data Transmission A new techno documentary DVD has hit the shelves
3/17/2010 Freude Am Tanzen We are excited
3/15/2010 54house FM
3/15/2010 MAGMA Trailer
3/15/2010 Technoszene
3/15/2010 Light Sound Dimension Trailer
3/15/2010 Prosthetic Knowledge
3/15/2010 Rave Strikes Back
3/15/2010 Flashfonicc
3/14/2010 90bpm a pretty essential somersault on what drives all these marauders of the night or studio to do what they do
3/12/2010 BB Lounge Trailer
3/12/2010 BPS Lounge
3/12/2010 Focus
3/12/2010 Goblogke
3/12/2010 Musformation
3/12/2010 EBEATZ moving and joyful
3/12/2010 Vinyl Sessions
3/12/2010 Neuromance It looks awesome
3/12/2010 MTViggy it's awesome
3/12/2010 Pitchfork follows some of the genre's bleeding-edge names
3/11/2010 Monday Edition
3/11/2010 Elbows
3/11/2010 Hollywood Wonderland
3/11/2010 Tracks In Stacks
3/11/2010 Songlines Festival
3/11/2010 Kompakt Speaking In Code comes to Kompakt
3/11/2010 ICT Magazine
3/11/2010 Expressive Culture
3/11/2010 DNMK Music Giveaway; Speaking in Code is what Feiern wanted to be
3/9/2010 Barrizal Trailer
3/9/2010 Playground Magazine Trailer
3/7/2010 MNML SSG
3/5/2010 Nico on Mars Trailer
3/5/2010 LoveLife in an environment with minimal visual distraction, the music has a greater effect on you
3/5/2010 Little White Earbuds Review: Speaking In Code successfully personalizes the realities of music obsession, from packed stadium triumphs to tribulations that require self-sacrifice in pursuit of satisfaction.
3/4/2010 Pitchfork Podcast a pretty amazing podcast
3/4/2010 Extra Music New News
1/17/2010 UNIT_log Trailer
11/18/2009 Fame Blog Trailer
10/16/2009 Spipasucci Interesting
10/16/2009 Northern Southerner the trailer made me cry. this has just been moved to the very top of my must-see list
10/8/2009 Deep Chicago anyone know when or where it will be showing in chicago?
10/8/2009 Berlinessa German
10/2/2009 This is Book's Music Trailer
10/2/2009 Strange Glory Trailer
9/24/2009 What Time Is Your Flight? I'm super excited to go check this film out
9/15/2009 Musformation you have to appreciate the passion and dedication these artists maintain
9/15/2009 House2Electro Trailer
9/14/2009 Nerdcore German a documentary worth seeing
9/14/2009 Dance Inferno German, Trailer
9/14/2009 Mata CR German
9/14/2009 Carpe Noctum Trailer
9/14/2009 Byte FM German
9/12/2009 Das Kraftfuttermischwerk German
9/11/2009 Matrix Synth Trailer
9/11/2009 Musik Gear French, Trailer
9/11/2009 Sonic State Trailer
9/11/2009 Essential House Trailer
9/11/2009 Synth Gear Essentially deadheads of the electronic music generation
9/10/2009 Palms out Sounds Movie looks amazing
9/1/2009 Sound Museum Blog
9/1/2009 Nova Nation
9/1/2009 Ministry of Sound It's nice to see some intelligent and interesting discourse about our favourite type of music when all too often the media portrays it in a less than awesome manner
9/1/2009 Spaetkauf German
8/31/2009 Dance Blogga Trailer
8/28/2009 Feeling Mnml I can't wait until its theatrical release
8/27/2009 Liz Revision We do need educational vehicles like this one
8/27/2009 Nueva Forma Iim really excited to see it because it seems so focused
6/18/2009 One Square Foot It's a story about the electronic music scene told from the inside-out
6/10/2009 Pull Quote Review
5/20/2009 530 Techno ts more exploratory about how and why people immerse themselves in their music and how intense it can get
5/20/2009 Dishwasher Rehab totally funny, and super interesting.
5/20/2009 Daniel Geahr Trailer
5/12/2009 Ninu Nina Film to see
5/11/2009 Extra Music New Finally a movie for me and,probably,for you too
5/7/2009 RedTram Russian
5/5/2009 Strom Trailer, Swedish
5/1/2009 NinjaTronics I can't wait till this film hits the local theaters
4/29/2009 Muzikanova Polish
4/28/2009 Douban Chinese
4/27/2009 Subjekt Trailer
4/26/2009 Dewtone Canada: Trailer
4/26/2009 Existenz Italian: Trailer
4/24/2009 Creative Contact review: has the advantage of actually going beyond the music, toward something much more sincere
4/24/2009 Internal review: it made me want to go home and do nothing but make new tracks all night
4/23/2009 Loaded Gun Boston Interview with Amy Grill
4/23/2009 Hub on Location Interview with Amy Grill
4/23/2009 Bostonist Grill's imbued cinema verite style of storytelling looks to be a standout in a year with a particularly strong list of documentary showings
4/23/2009 Beantown Boogiedown this is going to be an interesting film
4/23/2009 Onward Charles my favorite film of all time
4/22/2009 I Love DJ Me Looks pretty cool
4/22/2009 New Hampshire Public Radio Interview with Amy Grill
4/22/2009 Weekly Dig more than just an overview of the electronic music scene.
4/21/2009 Soul Clap We are super lucky to have this screening in our city
4/20/2009 Electronic Beats will surely shed some much-needed light on the murky world of electronic music
4/20/2009 Daily Swarm "WATCH: Minimal Techno Doc Speaking In Code"
4/19/2009 Andrea Cdc Italian: Trailer
4/16/2009 Enormous Yes can I see this now please?
4/16/2009 Fresh Good Minimal Romanian
4/14/2009 IFS Boulder a documentary on all aspects of electronic music
4/13/2009 Passion Pit You don't want to miss this!
4/13/2009 44100 Russian
4/6/2009 Boston Band Crush we are looking forward to the premiere of the documentary
 4/1/2009 Zed Equals Zed Watch: Speaking in Code
12/22/2008 Box Musique A documentary to anticipate with gleeful impatience.
12/21/2008 Anjuna Beats I been waiting for this release.
8/23/2008 4four looks good.. will have to check it out.
8/16/2008 Medellin Style Columbia
8/13/2008 Deepchild Great heart-felt look into the DIY community
8/10/2008 Diamond_Nick Russia
7/31/2008 Technodisco Italy
7/31/2008 Beatportal it's looking very insightful
7/31/2008 Zen Creative I am very interested
7/20/2008 Marks I am really looking forward to seeing this documentary about electronic music
7/18/2008 Beatportal It is art imitating life and obsessively so
7/17/2008 Radio DEEA Romania
7/14/2008 Bodytonic Ireland
7/14/2008 Beatfactor Romania
7/13/2008 Crisco Connection Germany
7/9/2008 Muschisuppe Germany
7/9/2008 Myoon Germany
7/9/2008 Fact Magazine UK
7/8/2008 Colective Futuro We are definitely looking forward to checking this out!
7/8/2008 Tanith Germany
7/8/2008 The Last Beat Germany
7/6/2008 Jeffrey Collins Found this great video on electronic music online the other day and wanted to share it with everyone.
7/6/2008 Properly Chilled The guiding mission of the filmmakers is to produce a true-life story that is a Portrait of a Subculture in the Digital Age
6/19/2008 Ventilate This looks great
6/19/2008 Shejay Swizerland
6/18/2008 Off Notes Notes I'd like to see this
1/16/2008 Random Circuits A trailer for an upcoming movie about electronic music collaboration etc, seems very interesting
12/4/2007 Codeep Slovakia
8/29/2007 Eclectro Netherlands
7/29/2007 Andres B Im waiting for Speaking in code Sounds really interesting
7/13/2007 Beatportal goes deep into the subculture of electronic music
7/2/2007 Trance Lab Their upcoming techno epic
6/25/2007 XLR8R thrives on the people who create, play, write about, and promote electronic music.
5/31/2007 Commander Master Chief German
5/20/2007 Kosmic Luxery Its about right now
8/11/2006 Stylus Magazine an interview with sQuare Productions Amy Grill
8/6/2006 Resonator I love, absolutely fucking LOVE, what Amy Grill is doing over at sQuare. They're making a film about the characters who are making the music that's forced its' way into relevancy RIGHT NOW
7/21/2006 Slow Motion Radio Station Speaking in Code is going to be phenomenal when it is released
6/5/2006 Bostonist Speaking in Code is a feature-length documentary film about the international electronic, dance, and music scene and specifically the people who make the whole thing move
4/21/2006 Emerge Trends Director Grill is seeking to reveal not just the meaning behind the music but shed some light on the often anonymous DJs and artists making this primarily vinyl-only music
4/10/2006 99 Sweden
12/30/2005 Devil in the Details I absolutely cannot wait until the Speaking in Code documentary comes out