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Amy Grill : Director/Producer

Amy Grill comes from a multi-faceted background in video and television.

From high school TV in Kansas City to producing short doc segments for CBS affiliates in college, she has always been behind the camera. Once graduated, she made her way to New York City where she immediately dove into the world of commercial television, tackling nearly every role in TV from production assistant to producer working in comedy, children's television and music for Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Fox, and Disney Channel productions. Growing tired of the ceaseless runaround of the commercial world, she moved to Boston and immersed herself in public television at WGBH.

Soon after, she became the Manager of student television at Emerson College. There she launched one of the most ambitious and comprehensive student television networks in the country and in 2006 The Emerson Channel was awarded Best Student Television Network by mtvU and the Association of Higher Education Campus TV Administrators.

She was then recruited by Al Gore's documentary TV network and online media platform Current. Grill relocated to San Francisco where she launched Current's College Outreach Program, bringing student produced documentaries to air on the global television network and increasing student involvement on Almost immediately her role expanded as the Director of College and Events in Current's marketing department. She returned to Boston and Emerson in 2009 as a faculty advisor and Producer-in-Residence on several projects including Kevin Bright Workshop productions (led by former Friends Co-Creator and Executive Producer) and The EVVY Awards, the largest student TV production in the country.

Along the way, she always maintained hobbies of photography and short film, including a short experimental documentary An American Close Up and a photo installation: Flight of Fancy.

Speaking in Code is her debut feature-length documentary.

Scott Sans : Director of Photography

When he began working on Speaking in Code, Scott Sans was finishing up his time at Emerson College. He has gone on to become a premiere DP in television, commercial and documentary film.

Past television projects include Travel Channel series Man Vs. Food and Extreme, Late Night with Conan O'Brien and The Tyra Banks Show. He's also been Director of Photgraphy for various commercials including Microsoft/Xbox, Gucci and Pepsi.

Jason Blanchard : Editor

Blanchard began on Speaking in Code as an unpaid tape logger. But as he watched the unedited shots, he became more and more involved in the storyline and the cinematography. As he worked with the director, it became quite clear his editing skills were beyond his years and needed to be immediately deployed as a main editor for the film. He is currently completing his degree in Film from Emerson College.

Alexandra Lee : Co-Producer

Alexandra Lee became a friend of sQuare productions through her work within the art community of Boston.

She recently worked as the Development Officer for the Constellation Center, a four-hall performing arts center in Cambridge, MA. Lee graduated with a BA in Political Science from Wellesley College and has experience at both the Institute of Contemporary Art in London and the Royal Opera House.

Jason Redmond : Co-Producer

Jason Redmond is the Executive Director of the Independent Film Festival of Boston and was an early adopter and adviser to the project.

After abandoning the advertising industry for the film festival circuit, IFFBoston has become, in just five short years, the area's premiere film festival.

Denise Hsu : Co-Producer

Denise discovered the Speaking in Code project during post-production. Passionate about its premise, she
eagerly jumped in to assist securing distribution opportunities for Speaking in Code theatrically and digitally worldwide. She currently works in corporate finance at Warner Bros. Denise graduated with a BA in Economics from Wellesley College where she was a disc jockey during the dawn of underground techno in the early 1990s, and she has an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she is a voice-over actor and screenwriter, having penned several feature and TV spec screenplays.

David Day : Co-Producer

Day came with Amy Grill to the east coast from Kansas and became a music journalist. After jumping to retail, he discovered electronic music at Other Music in NYC and began DJing shortly thereafter.

He has worked in nearly all aspects of the music business and is currently Arts & Music Editor at Boston's Weekly Dig and founder of Basstown. He recently co-founded Boston's first electronic music festival.

Philip Sherburne : Consulting Producer

Philip is the foremost electronic music journalist working today, writing primarily for XLR8R Magazine, The Wire and Pitchfork Media, but having been published worldwide. He is also a music producer and DJ.

Matthew Patterson Curry : Sound Mix
Curry is also known as Safety Scissors, a well-respected electronic musician living in San Francisco. Through record labels like ~Scape and BPitch Control, he plays to audiences around the world. Speaking in Code is Curry's first feature-length film project.

Title Design and Logo: Liam Beesley
Color Correction: Dan Gahr
Translator: Willi "Vanilli" Payne
Legal Services: Aaron Silverstein Saunders & Silverstein LLP

Additional / Occasional Camera Work: Jason Blanchard, Amy Grill, Eric Sagotsky
Loggers: Jason Blanchard, Sebastian Botzow, Nate DeYoung, Claudia Jericho, James McDonald, Daren McKelvey, Ana Aragon Tello, Nikea Wortham, Danny Zack

Barcelona Boom Op: Sean Legrange
Production Assistant on Ellen Allien Shoot: Gerhard Kremer
Equipment Insurance: Sam Fardy at Brewer and Lord
Equipment Rentals: Boston Camera, Talamus

Thanks to everyone who appears in the film: Ellen Bronsert, Sasha Funke, Gernot's dad, Caroline Hervé (aka Miss Kittin), Jimmy Johnson, Mathias Kaden, Billy Kiely, Tim Leanse, Michael Mayer, Dan Paluska (aka Six Million Dollar Dan), Erik Pearson, Kris Price, Sascha Ring (aka Apparat), Anja Schneider, Thomas Sperling, Marianne Szary, Mike Uzzi (aka Smartypants), Reinhard Voigt, Wolfgang Voigt, Julian Wadsworth (aka Red Foxxx), Mario Willms (aka Douglas Greed)

Very Special Thanks to these festivals for your support, access and for bringing music to the people: MUTEK Festival, C/O Pop, Sonar Festival, Awakenings Festival, M3 Summit, Pollerwiesen

People who went out of their way to help us:, Jon Berry, Paulina Borda, Courtney Cargill, Ralph Christoph, Heike Fetzer, Merlijn Hoek, Sarah Idarous, Terry Krug, Jackie Linnane, Pamela Martinez, Alain Mongeau, Patrick Peiki, Gesine Schönrock, Daniela Siemon, Fra Soler, Gary Strack, Georgia Taglietti , Thynnes from Muna Club, Toki, Philip Treudt, Thynnes from Muna Club, Claudia Walraven, Ben Woodard, Awakenings shuttle drivers, Awakenings golf cart drivers, Club lighting people, Muna Club volunteers.

Moral Support: Emily Ausbrook, Michael Vazquez, Christine Anderson (thanks, Mom), Craig Anderson, Ashley Grill, Aaron Grill, Katie Koplik, Kathy Koplik, Tina Vojtek, Angela Kulbel, Jane Pikor, Jason Blanchard, Scott Sans, Max Trauss, Leslie Appleyard, Randy Grill, Pam Grill, Rebecca Ulanoff, Aaron Follett, Stephanie Sklar and Nina Depalma.

People who gave us good advice: Kevin Bright, David Casey, Doug Pray, Christof Putzel and Jim Spencer.

Thanks to the lovely ladies of Kompakt for all the help: Sido Carrard, Sarah Idarous, Gesine Schönrock and Jeannine Schweizer.

Many Thanks: Julie Arbit, James Berberick, Patrick Bryant, Courtney Cargill, Michael Cho, Tony Cokes, Joshua Daniel, Jared Danielson, Sandra Day, Kristen DeAmicis, Ricardo Delima, Shawdee Eshghi, Aaron Follett, Geoffrey L. Hargadon, Eitan Hoenig, George F Killgoar III, Stephen Lee, Jack Lerner, Juan MacLean, Wayne Marshall, Tom Meek, Brian Merz, Elizabeth R Phillips, David Prince, David Rosen, Adam Shore, ShrinkMedia, Ben Sisto, James Stamos, Elizabeth Stark, James Trottier, Michael Vazquez, David Weigner, Mark Willett and Brynmore Williams.

Special Thanks: Chris Baker, Neal E Bessen, Fabian Birke, Balazs Bognar, Jeff Carvalho, Mark Chandler, Jeanette Christensen, Teresa Concepcion, Damien Cuvelier, Gary Dauphin, Neil Davin, Ryan Denman, Lauren Ellis, Andres Escallon, Pat Fontes, Benjamin Garton, Michael Gintz, Andrew Golden, Richard Grijalva, Tuncay Gunluk, Nick Heath, Derek Hoffend, Jessica Hoffman, Sarah Lynne Hoffman, Christian Holland, Bakhriddeen Inamov, Jordana Kaplow, Elena Kazlas, Hammarsing Kharhmar, Allison Kibbat, Predrag Kostic, Zachary Kramer, Jennah Kriebel, Megan LaFlamme, Susan Lee, Hui Li, Janet Lin, Tim Lynch, Joshua Masak, Massta Productions, Caroline McFadden, Christina McFadden, Denise McFadden, Kristen Alexandra Milano, Cynthia Moneymaker, Steven Nicolaou, Elisabeth Nyman, Andre Obin, Jeffrey O'Brien, Nick Parish, Brock Phillips, Elizabeth R Phillips, Michael R Power, Sandy Prudencio, Josh Ready, Jessica Riley, Lisa Roth, Matt Scheiner, Miriam E Schmitter, Angela Scibelli, Andrea Spector, Jonathan Spooner, Jennifer Sullivan, Tameez Sunderji,Tyrone Tanous, Andrew Tefft, Todne Texeira, Thao Tran, Jasper Turner, Kyle Van Blerk, Max Van Kleek, Justin Warren, Karsten Wehmeier, Heemin Yang and Brian Zbriger.

Early Graphic Design: Sean Lorenz

Early German Translations: Konrad Brattke and sQuare productions blog design: Nick Hubben

sQuare productions webmaster: Aaron Grill

Technical advice and research: Nate Cory, Danny Zack

Speaking in Code Benefit Volunteers: Tyler Ashley, Gabi Conti

Extra special thanks to Emerson College Faculty, Staff and Students

Emerson College Television Radio & Film: Paul Beck, Lance Kyed, Patrick Labadia and Jane Pikor.